If you own a painting that would benefit from undergoing restoration, then you'll need to use an art restoration business's services. Here are some tips to follow when you do this.

Look for one that has experience restoring art from the movement your painting belongs to

Whilst any qualified art restoration professional will have the ability to restore artwork from a variety of movements, it is still sensible to pick a restoration business whose employees specialise in working on paintings from the art movement that yours belongs to.

If you have, for example, a valuable Impressionist painting and you want to aim to either increase or retain its value so that you can auction it off, then getting it restored by someone who has worked on many other Impressionist paintings would not only mean that they would probably already the correct materials in their workshop (such as varnishes and paints that are similar or exactly like those used during this art period) but would also mean that they wouldn't have to prepare for this restoration by doing extra research about Impressionist paintings beforehand. Instead, they could dive right into repairing your artwork. This would then mean that they could finish the restoration and return the painting to you quite quickly.

Furthermore, you may find it easier to sell the painting at an auction, as those interested in it may find it reassuring to know that the work was done by someone who is extremely familiar with Impressionism and the finer details of the paintings made during this era.

Get the painting reframed immediately after its restoration is complete

After the restoration business returns the fixed painting to you, you should get it reframed immediately. If you leave the painting lying on a table or leaning against a wall in your home for several weeks before sending it to a framing company, it may get damaged and require further restoration.

Whilst a frame cannot provide a painting with total protection from harm, it can protect the paint near the edges from getting scraped off if someone accidentally hits the painting with something and it also can prevent dust, dirt and other particulates in the air from settling on the varnish. Having a frame put on the painting that will shield it from these things is particularly important if you'd like to sell it, as presenting it in pristine condition to potential buyers should increase your chances of selling it quickly.